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"Steve Snyder is man who you can trust. He writes with integrity and a wealth of information.   Any investment you make to collect what Steve has to teach you will put money into your pockets.   Just his insights on tax deductions alone are worth thousands of dollars to you each year.
I am not a numbers guy, in fact I hate working with numbers, that is why I pay someone to do it for me.  Steve Snyder is a numbers guy and he understands the business I am in.  That makes Steve a Win-Win account!"

Steve Hart, Speaker, Magician, Trainer
Cape Canaveral, FL USA

"I met Steve when he presented at  Kidabra a few years ago.  I promptly bought his thorough Self-Employed Entertainer's Complete Guide to Federal Income Tax.  Later, several of us were able to convice Steve to start offering his service personnaly.  I am quite happy with Steve's professionalism and the sheer amount of knowledge he has regarding how to navigate the tax system."

Geoff Bubble Shows.com Akins
"I've gotten a few of Steve's books and they are great, very well written and easy to follow, they've helped me with my entertainment business as a clown and now with my new at home business.  He's an amazing guy with a big heart. He's been willing to talk me through things on the phone, since we're so far apart.  Always there to help!    Thanks again Steve!  You're the best!"

Janet Fossen
It WorksI Marketing
Giggles the Clown and Friends
"I've purchased many of Steve's books.  I have found them to be very helpful and feel that they would be a valuable asset to any entertainer.  While there are other books out there that talk about business topics, Steve's books have been extremely beneficial since they look at things from the eyes of an entertainer.  They are easy to follow and cover a wide range of relevant topics."

Gary Kantor
putting BUSINESS in SHOW
Business and tax advice for the
self-employed entertainer
"I think it (The Self-Employed Entertainers Complete Guide To Federal Income Tax) is very comprehensive and a useful guide to those in the Magic (or other related) Business...  The information you provide will be useful for planning 2006, and beyond, taxes".

Mike Gorman
Past IBM Int'l President and Linking Ring Product Reviewer
"Steve, thanks so much for going to bat for the professional performers out there to help them realize the tax write-offs they are entitled to as a home-based business.  And you break it down into easy to understand words instead of all that tax lingo.
As performers, we work hard for our money and deserve to keep what we are entitled to!  I'll be sure to spread the word about your great ideas to other performers as well."

Clown Marketing Institute
"I really appreciate the helpful tips you have provided.  As a professional clown and home-based business I did not realize all the tax write-offs I was entitled too!  You really opened my eyes with legal and creative ideas.  More performers need to know about this..."

Esther Berris
Professional Clown
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