I, Dr. Steven L. Snyder, doing business as The Tax Magician, provide consulting services, written resources, and live workshops and lectures on Federal Income Tax (Schedule C), Business practices, and Marketing tips and ideas primarily for the self-employed entertainer and other self-employed individuals who seek a better understanding and how-to information on preparing their business income tax return, and business and marketing advice, through telephonic consulting, written resources, and live workshop and lecture presentations to help you with your business growth and problem solutions, and who prefer my solution over available alternatives because we are commited yo providing fast, friendly, creative, umique, and, at times, innovative solutions to help you and your business.

In addition, you can count on me for all the tips, tools, encouragement, and motivation to do what it takes for you and your business to be successful, enabling you to stay focused and productive without taking unnecessary risks.
Dr. Steven L. Snyder is:
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Business and tax advice for the
 self-employed entertainer
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