Where you can see Steve:

Steve may be available to lecture and conduct workshops at your convention, conference, meeting, or event.  For details, contact him at slsnyder2@yahoo.com, or phone 702-327-5149.

putting BUSINESS in SHOW
Business and tax advice for the
 self-employed entertainer

Dr. Steven L. Snyder is:
Groups Steve has worked with:
KIDabra International
Clowns of America International
Hypno Thought Live
Family and Variety Entertainers

World Clown Association (WCA)
Jacksonville, FL
Clowns of America, Intl (COAI)
Niagara Falls, New York
November, 2020
Family and Variety Entertainers (FAVE)
Las Vegas, Nevada
September 4-7, 2020
Texas Association of Magicians (TAOM)
Ft. Worth, TX
Bling Bling Jam
Las Vegas, Nevada
Consulting Services
I have never objected to anyone asking tax or business questions through my website, by e-mail, or by phone. I have always been happy to answer them, and will continue to do so.

But lately there has been a growing interest in my providing consulting services for those who are new to the business world, or those who just need someone to bounce ideas off of, who will give them straight-forward, real answers to their ideas and concerns.

For this reason, I have decided to add consulting services to those who need a bit more help. I am offering two plans:
The Monthly Plan
This plan allows you to consult with me, 
privately for 1 hour per month for 3 months.  
Time and date to be determined when you enroll. 
This plan is renewable.
The Weekly Plan
This plan is designed for those who might need a bit more help than a once a month phone call will provide. This plan entitles you to a 1 hour call per week for 3 months. Time and day to be determined when you enroll. This plan is renewable.
Simply go to PayPal, enroll in the option you desire and note it in PayPal, include you name and phone number, and send it to slsnyder2@yahoo.com. Upon receipt I will call you to set up the time and day for our future phone calls. I prefer phone so I can hear your voice as we discuss your choice of topics.