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The Internal Revenue Service says you only have to pay the least amount of tax you owe. But, the IRS won't tell you how to get there.
I will!
Are you getting all the deductions you're entitled to?
Business Use of Your Home?
Self-Employment and Estimated Taxes?
Business Expenses?
Travel, Entertainment, Gift, and Car  Expenses?
Setting Up your Books?
Record Keeping?
Correcting Previous Years Tax Returns?
The Dangers of Under-reporting Your Income?
What About Branding Yourself and Your Business?
Do You Know How to Market Yourself for No-Cost?
Do You Know How to Make Cold Calls that Work?
Do You Want to Know About Corporations?
What do you know about Social Networking?
Are you trying to start your business or transitioning    from part-time to full-time?

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"Do you know most Entertainers are paying too much in taxes?"
* Report 1 covers Hobby vs. Business (Learn the benefits of being in business, not just a hobbyist)
  Report 2 covers Using Your Home for Business (Are you taking all the deductions you're entitled to?)
  Report 3 covers Business Use of Your Car (Actual or allowance - which is better for you?)
Do you understand IRS rules?
There's a reason why tax codes are written on onion skin paper and take volumes of books.
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Whether you're a full-time or part-time performer; new to the business or a seasoned pro; a professional or amateur entertainer; The Tax Magician has something you can use!  Get my free reports to help you save now.
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