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The Internal Revenue Service says you only have to pay the least amount of tax you owe. But, the IRS won't tell you how to get there.
I will!
Are you getting all the deductions you're entitled to?

Business Use of Your Home?
Self-Employment and Estimated Taxes?
Business Expenses?
Travel, Entertainment, Gift, and Car  Expenses?
Setting Up your Books?
Record Keeping?
Correcting Previous Years Tax Returns?
The Dangers of Under-reporting Your Income?

Serving the Business and Tax Needs of Part-Time and Full-Time Entertainers
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"Do you know most Entertainers are paying too much in taxes?"
* Report 1 covers Hobby vs. Business (Learn the benefits of being in business, not just a hobbyist)
  Report 2 covers Using Your Home for Business (Are you taking all the deductions you're entitled to?)
  Report 3 covers Business Use of Your Car (Actual or allowance - which is better for you?)
Do you understand IRS rules?
There's a reason why tax codes are written on onion skin paper and take volumes of books.

Hi, I'm Steve Snyder - The Tax Magician.

While serving in the Military, Steve was trained, and served, as the Tax Advisor for many of the units in which he served.

After his honorable discharge, Steve went back to school.  He graduated from California Lutheran University with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting.

Since graduation, Steve went on to complete his Master's degree and a Doctorate in Business Administration.

In addition, Steve is the proud author of several books for the self-employed entertainer. "As a magician, and having many friends who were also magicians, I realized we knew our craft, but no one ever taught us how to run a business."  And so it all began.

Steve Snyder, The Tax Magician, a full-time, professional entertainer with more than 50 years experience,has performed for audiences throughout the Western United States including Alaska and the Canal Zone.  Today he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife Elizabeth, where he performs as a magician, balloonist and motivational speaker. 

Steve is a member of The Society of American Magicians, an Order of Merlin member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians, The Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle), and a charter member of KIDabra International.
It all started innocently enough.  I was talking on the phone to a business associate, discussing business and taxes.  My friend dubbed me a "Tax Magician".  The rest, as they say, is history.
"I am not a numbers guy, in fact I hate working with numbers, that is why I pay someone to do it for me.  Steve Snyder is a numbers guy and he understands the business I am in.  That makes Steve a Win-Win account!"

Steve Hart
Speaker, Magician, Trainer
"I really appreciate the helpful tips you have provided.  As a professional clown and home-based business I did not realize all the tax write-offs I was entitled too!  You really opened my eyes with legal and creative ideas.  More performers need to know about this..."

Esther Berris
Professional Clown
"Steve, thanks so much for going to bat for the professional performers out there to help them realize the tax write-offs they are entitled to as a home-based business.  And you break it down into easy to understand words instead of all that tax lingo.
As performers, we work hard for our money and deserve to keep what we are entitled to!  I'll be sure to spread the word about your great ideas to other performers as well."

Clown Marketing Institute
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Whether you're a full-time or part-time performer; new to the business or a seasoned pro; a professional or amateur entertainer; The Tax Magician has something you can use!  Get my free reports to help you save now.
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"I think it (The Self-Employed Entertainers Complete Guide To Federal Income Tax) is very comprehensive and a useful guide to those in the Magic (or other related) Business...  The information you provide will be useful for planning 2006, and beyond, taxes".

Mike Gorman
Past IBM Int'l President and Linking Ring Product Reviewer

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